Solar Cells Controversy

There is some controversy brewing in the solar cell production environments and it has nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan. Sorry, that’s my attempt at levity…yes, I won’t quit my day job.

Flexible solar cells with an 18.7% record efficiency developed by scientists at Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology were recently reported on Science Daily. That is approaching the CIGS on glass substrates with processes where CIGS layers are grown at temperatures of 600 °C or above.

This can be a game changer in solar cell development and costs to produce. Check out more information at


What is Antimony?

Some of the chemicals used today for high quality industrial purposes have a rich and elongated history. Antimony is one of them. Used today for varied end uses such as fire retardants and ball bearings, antimony is also recently emerging as an application in microelectronics.

The Father of Chemistry, Jabir ibn Hayyan, first recognized antimony in the 8th century while a millennium later the Swedish Scientist Anton von Swab discovered “native antimony” in the 1783 from the Sala Silver Mine in Sala, Sweden. Much has been accomplished since then especially regarding the use of antimony in electronics during the last few years.

While new uses are constantly being found for antimony, 99.999% pure antimony, although a commodity, has a scarce characteristic available only from high quality chemical firms.