The World of Service

At AHP Materials we are in the service business. If we don’t give great service and products to our customers we don’t get repeat customers.. If our customers don’t buy from us we can’t turn the lights on. So although some might feel we are in the element, metal, or powder,  business….we are not.

I’m making an assumption here and typically these do not turn out well for me but I’m a slow learner so here goes….the assumption is that our customers don’t want to spend a lot of time buying elements, compounds, or rare earth materials. What they want is the solution for their situation. If they need the product to manufacture, or polish, or coat they need the product at a fair price in a certain amount of time. Once they experience that with us they expect the same the next time. After a while, they know they can count on us.

The point I wish to stress is that even though we are a manufacture of certain powders and metals we are actually on the other end of that email, phone, or computer. Our success is dependent on your success. So if we can be that value add to your business and one of those aspects of your business that you don’t need to worry about, we appreciate that. I guess all of us have favorite suppliers for whatever reason and we just hope we are or can compete to be one of your favorite suppliers.


Diamonds – a High Purity Element

High purity elements are much different than their lower purity counterparts. Let’s put it this way…imagine you are buying a diamond ring. What’s important to you with this diamond ring?

1. Size
2. Clarity
3. Cut
4. Color

All facets of the diamond are determined first and foremost by the quality, or purity of it. If a diamond has a lot of impurities, you will see that in the clarity. If it impure the color will be off. The price paid for a 1 carat great looking diamond from Tiffany’s is a lot different than what is purchased for industrial use for that same 1 carat.

The same holds true for the high level purity of elements. If you are testing, researching, or making great products you need the highest quality elements. If not, those impurities might be devalue your product, cloud your research results, or ruin your tests.

You can get high purity elements always at

Antimony – Did it kill Mozart???

OK, first of all…Antimony is not a name for a baby. I’ve read that and if you do name your kid Antimony you should be ashamed of yourself.

Now that I got that off my chest there is the belief that Antimony killed Mozart. Yes, the beloved Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, a.k.a. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was killed by Antimony. Here’s the theory….doctors back in the 1700s often felt like illnesses and injuries were remedied with “fight fire with fire”. To give you some background information…during that time Antimony was also often used as a laxative because it would go right through you. It is poison so the body just wants to get rid of it. Well, good ‘ol Mozart was a hypochondriac so to stop the fever and aches the doctors were thought to provide Mozart with a little too much Antimony or “medicine”. I’m no doctor but giving someone poison in a weakened condition probably isn’t such a good idea.

Strengthening alloys, using as fire retardants, or even eye liners (as was used in ancient Egypt) are all better uses for Antimony. You can find more information here at