Nanobots and Nanotechnology

I just read an interesting article on the advancement of nanotechnology in computers from Scientific American where, unlike other technology that tries to make things smaller, nanotechnology has the power to build things up atom by atom. Here is that article. Creating nanobots that can do the work to assemble these tiny building blocks and help not only computing but in medicine to turn one material into another, become self-replicating, and then be injected into the human body at the cellular level to cure diseases. Simply amazing.

Here’s the Catch-22…what if these types of technologies are used for bad instead of for good? Nuclear energy is one instance where used for power is good, for war is bad. It’s that same scenario where it can do so much good for the world but perhaps it can also be pretty terrible. That being said, Alfred Nobel created dynamite and had thoughts of the terrible destruction it could produce. Regardless, it was better than nitroglycerin that preceded it and there were other solutions that came after that improved on it. In other words, it will always be “one upped” with something better/more powerful. Much like the advent of fire was brilliant, it also destroyed. Kerosene was the light provider at night but electricity replaced it, etc.  Thoughts?